Saturday, August 25, 2012

Welcome to the Pick of the Brown Bag.  In this column, I pick the best and worst of comic books from the racks.  I might also say a few words about the mediocre ones if they present some points of interest or an unfortunate lack of research.  

If these words sound familiar, you might have read them on the usenet as that's where I originally posted, like everybody else.  Although my first published critique was in an e-zine called Knotted, also published on the usenet.  I also had a short story, "Spider Without A Web," published in the magazine evernight.

I was scooped up by Silver Bullet Comic Books in about 1998 and continued with them until they became Comics Bulletin, where I most recently wrote the column Tate Necessarily So.

Comics Bulletin and I have parted ways, but that won't stop me.

I'm not going to really be doing anything different here.  You'll get reviews, hopefully entertaining ones, and you'll get the usual Doctor Who, Scooby-Doo references.  I might post some of my older reviews once or twice.  This will not be a daily blog.

I'm new to Blogger.  So bear with me as I figure things out.  I got canned at the moment I was putting finishing touches on the reviews.  My last column was more graphic intensive, but I never liked to clutter up things with too many graphics and only did that for the Powers That Were.  We'll see how easy it is to insert graphics and go from there.

Okay.  Tomorrow or Monday, new reviews from The Pick of the Brown Bag.



  1. Looks good already, Ray, I'll still be reading. No one else covers your selection of books! --Shawn